The Issue Of Mental Health Can Be Confronted With The Affordable Care Act

Simon pushes to prioritize mental health funding

First, you cannot be denied coverage because of a pre-existing conditionsomething that those with mental illness have always struggled against in the past. Second, psychiatric treatment comes as standard, and every health plan sold through an exchange has to cover 10 essential categories, including mental health and substance abuse. Third, preventive care also comes as standardand since those with serious mental illness are also at risk for other diseases such as diabetes and heart disease, the Affordable Care Act mandates routine check-ups and screenings with no co-pays or deductibles. The debate over gun safety has produced some of the most hardened opponents on both sides of the argument. But the one thing that everyone agrees onfrom the NRA to Mayors Against Illegal Guns, from Democratic senators to House Republicansis that mental health is an area that needs to be properly resourced as a matter of urgency.
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Mental Illness and the Church: New Research on Mental Health from LifeWay Research

Under the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, the database that includes the criminal and mental health records of Americans, a person must be “adjudicated mentally defective or involuntarily committed to a mental institution” in order to be barred from buying a gun. [ POLL: Most Americans Want Congress to Try Again on Background Checks ] And that is something, lawmakers say may need to be reevaluated. “I will support anything I can to rehabilitate people, but also make sure that people who are not rehabilitated should not, because of their past record, be able to purchase a gun through a commercial sale,” Manchin says. Graham called reforming the standards for the NICs system “dicey,” but reiterated that it would be worth Congress’s time. After all, he said that the Navy Yard shooter had exhibited clear signs that he was not mentally healthy enough to own a firearm.
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Mental Health Legislation, Not Gun Control, Focus of Congress After Navy Yard Shooting

These tours follow a visit to Murray Developmental Center earlier this year. “Our mission at The H Group is to be your healthcare partner for hope, growth and improved quality of life, said John G. Markley, CEO of The H Group. We’re glad to call the State of Illinois our partner in providing essential community and mental health resources and are grateful to Lieutenant Governor Simon for spotlighting the need for stronger funding for these services.” As a member of the states Budgeting for Results Commission, Simon heard testimony from southern Illinois service providers, advocates and stakeholders at three public hearings this summer.
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CNN even cited it in their promotion of tonight’s interview with Rick Warren. From the release ( read the full article here ): A third of Americans and nearly half of evangelical, fundamentalist, or born-again Christians believe prayer and Bible study alone can overcome serious mental illness. The survey also found most Americans (68 percent) would feel welcome in church if they were mentally ill. Thirty-five percent agree with the statement, “With just Bible study and prayer, ALONE, people with serious mental illness like depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia could overcome mental illness.” Fifty percent of those 18-29 years old say prayer and Bible study could overcome mental illness. That number falls to less than 30 percent for those 55-64. Evangelical, fundamentalist, or born-again Christians (48 percent) agree prayer and Scripture study alone can overcome mental illness. Only 27 percent of other Americans agree.
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