Through a forgotten bridge engineer, a vision of Los Angeles

Steve Wynn Charity: Las Vegas Mogul Donates $25 Million To Fight Eye Diseases

noir, this mystery begins with a mystery. I’m standing under the midday, midsummer sun. To the west, the skyscrapers of downtown rise like the steep palisades of a nearby island. The sky is cataract blue.
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As a parent, you are the person who knows your child best. If you see or suspect that the eyes are turning in or out, or if you see a white reflex (reaction to light) in the pupil, report this immediately to your doctor. If your child’s birth was premature, check that an eye exam is done before your baby comes home. If you’re home now and not sure, ask. If no eye exam took place, make an appointment with an eye care doctor as soon as possible. When Your Baby Needs an Eye Exam Right Away As baby grows during this first year, be on the lookout for these indicators of possible eye or vision problems: Strabismus: One or both eyes turn toward or away from the nose, or only one eye moves, or the eyes appear very different in their movements.
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Eye Exams in Your Baby’s First Year

That’s because when staring at those devices, you may be blinking somewhere around 50 percent less often that you do when looking at other everyday things, says Dr. Christopher Starr, an associate professor of ophthalmology at Weill Cornell Medical College. He explained on “CBS This Morning,” “Normally, we blink about 20 times per minute. It can drop to eight or 10 times a minute. And when you’re not blinking, the tears that are on your ocular surface just evaporate. You’re not distributing new, healthy, clean tears across the ocular surface.” Another thing that can contribute to the dry-eye feeling is the lack of oil being distributed to the eye via your eyelid.
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Could Google Glass Hurt Your Eyes? A Harvard Vision Scientist And Project Glass Advisor Responds

Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google appear at th...

translate that money into effective treatments as fast as we can,” he said. Dezii said he has visited the institute several times in the last two years, and that he and Wynn believe that a gift could accelerate breakthroughs. The donation will benefit those suffering from so-called orphan disorders, which are so rare that researchers typically do not focus on them, and will allow scientists to carry out multiple experiments at once rather than one after another. “Time is our worst enemy,” Dezii said. Wynn’s deteriorating sight has caused problems. In 2006, he damaged a Pablo Picasso painting called “Le Reve” shortly after he had agreed to sell it for a record $139 million. Wynn was showing the painting to guests when he struck the painting with his elbow, tearing a silver dollar-sized hole in the canvas.
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Dry eyes and technology: What you need to know to protect your vision

Peli said there was a chance for discomfort caused by the unaccustomed act of looking up. Anyone that tries to use Google Glass notices it, he said. But the likelihood is that this will go away. While most people spend their lives looking down, there are a number of tradespeopleamong them, electricians, painters and carpenterswho spend a good portion of their day looking up. Their eye muscles adapt, and so should the muscles of people who wear Glass, Peli said. In terms of a change in phoria, which can may happen any time a person uses their eyes for near work when binocular vision is interrupted for an extended period, that shouldnt be an issue, Peli said. Google Glass is supposed to be used for micro-use.
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